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Comment Dated Nov 25, 2005

I'm told that the new web site is virtually completed, and all we're waiting for now is testing of the reworked version of the Bookstore. In the meantime, this is the Home Page of the original site, restyled to give a preview of the kind of thing to expect. The main difference is that it now contains links to new items throughout the site, brought to the front to avoid the tedium of having to check inside. Tim and Declan have also made the new Site Index compatible with this current version of the site and linked it in; you can explore can explore it by clicking on the Site Index button of the menu bar. I think they've done a terrific job with this. One of the reasons I've been a bit light on the Bulletin Board this year was the feeling that it would become unwieldy if it grew much larger without an adequate Index. That's now solved, so you can expect some activity in that department in the weeks ahead. The other significant change is that the entire site is now driven from a database. That's more of an engine-room refit that won't make a lot of difference to what you, the visitor, sees, but it will facilitate maintenance and updating enormously.