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Comment Dated Apr 13, 2006

On January 6, 2006, the antiwar.com web site carried an article by John Pilger entitled "Blair Criminalizes His Critics". It describes how the police in modern-day Britain harass, intimidate, and persecute opposition to its government's involvement in the illegal, immoral, and unprovoked invasion of Iraq. A part of it reports:
Maya Evans, a vegan chef aged 25, was convicted of breaching the new Serious Organized Crime and Police Act by reading aloud at the Cenotaph the names of 97 British soldiers killed in Iraq. So serious was her crime that it required 14 policemen in two vans to arrest her. She was fined and given a criminal record for the rest of her life.
Not long ago, Jeff Rense's news site at www.rense.com carried a piece from the UK's Daily Mail, April 2, 2006, headed: "Incredible -- UK Cops Told To Let Burglars Go Free." It begins:
Burglars will be allowed to escape without punishment under new instructions sent to all police forces. Police have been told they can let them off the threat of a court appearance and instead allow them to go with a caution. The same leniency will be shown to criminals responsible for more than 60 other different offences, ranging from arson through vandalism to sex with underage girls. New rules sent to police chiefs by the Home Office set out how seriously various crimes should be regarded, and when offenders who admit to them should be sent home with a caution.
And it's not just the UK, is it? I''m seeing the same kind of insanity reported across Europe, and from the U.S. and Canada. Our illustrious leaders clearly have no concern for the rights and well-being of citizens. So who does give them their orders? It's either one of the biggest betrayals in history by governments of the people who elected and trusted them; or the whole system is being run by imbeciles from the top down.