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Comment Dated Oct 8, 2005

Finally, after being a month away for the last 100 years, the upgraded site is completed and has been running for a while on the new hosting system. The main features that we've added are described below. As a final test, we're inviting Mailing List subscribers to a preview of the new site before finally going live--which is why you are reading this. So browse around, poke and prod, and let us know any problems, likes, don't-likes, further suggestions, and so forth. Be aware, however, that regular visitors to the site are still being directed to the old version. Since it would be unmanageable to have two versions of the Order Catalogue both functioning at the same time, the new "Bookstore" indicated on some of the links won't be accessible until the final changeover is made. For the transition period, the Bookstore links will take you to the Order Catalog on the current site.