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A Case for Nuclear-Generated Electricity
by Scott W. Heaberlin
Why nuclear power is "Cool"
Batelle Press Paperback, 2003
Creating the New World
by Theodore Rockwell
Stories & Images from the Dawn of the Atomic Age
1st Books Library Hardback, 2003
1st Books Library Paperback, 2003
Curve of Binding Energy, The
by John McPhee
Focusing on the ideas and work of Theodore B. Taylor, a veteran designer from the Los Alamos weapons programs and driving force behind the 1950s Project Orion.
Farrar, Straus and Giroux Paperback, 1973
Health Hazards of NOT Going Nuclear, The
by Petr Beckmann
A rational evaluation of the real risks of nuclear energy compared to those incurred by the various so-called "alternatives."
Farrar, Straus and Giroux Paperback, 1979
Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century
by Ian Hore-Lacy
An authoritative primer on all aspects of nuclear energy and its role in the 21st century
Academic Press Paperback, 2006
Nuclear Energy Option, The
by Bernard L. Cohen
One of the most comprehensive treatments that I have come across, confronting all the myths and superstitions about nuclear energy with facts, figures, and studies showing it to be overwhelmingly the safest, cleanest, and most economical energy source available.
Plenum Pr Paperback, 1990
Power to Save the World
by Gwyneth Cravens
Reappraisal of nuclear energy by a former antinuclear activist
Knopf Hardback, 2007
Radiation Hormesis
by T.D.Luckey
Beneficial effects of low-level radiation--the evidence
TF-CRC Hardback, 1991
Solar Fraud: Why Solar Energy Won't Run The World, The
by Howard Hayden
By the professor emeritus of physics at the University of Connecticut at Storrs. The realities of biomass, hydro, wind, solar thermal, and photovoltaics as energy sources.
Vales Lake Pub Llc Paperback, 1991
Terrestrial Energy
by William Tucker
How Nuclear Energy Will Lead the Green Revolution and End America's Energy Odyssey
Bartleby Hardback, 2008
by Ed Hiserodt
What If Radiation Is Actually Good for You?
Laissez Faire Books Paperback, 2005
War Against the Atom, The
by Samuel McCracken
Shows conclusively that nuclear power, contrary to the polemics of the antinuclear movement, is in fact the only workable energy source.
Basic Books Paperback, 1982
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