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Science - General
Farewell to Reason
by Paul Feyerabend
A healthy antidote, perhaps, for those who get too hung up on rationality and scientism as the only measure of meaning or human existence.
Verso Paperback, 1987
Metric Units & Conversion Charts
by Theodore Wildi
A metrication handbook for engineers, technologists, scientists, and readers with weird questions that they send to science-fiction writers.
Wiley-IEEE Press Paperback, 1995
New Inquisition, The
by Robert Anton Wilson
Novelist, teacher, and former editor of Playboy, on what he describes as, ". . . certain habits of repression and intimidation that are becoming increasingly commonplace in the scientific community today.
Falcon Press Paperback, 1995
Politically Incorrect Guide to Science, The
by Tom Bethell
Contains some of my favorite scientific heresies
Regnery Publishing, Inc. Hardback, 2005
Politicizing Science
by Michael Gough, ed.
The Alchemy of Policymaking
Hoover Institution Paperback, 2003
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