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Entoverse was published in 1991 as a fourth novel in the "Giants" series, after

Inherit The Stars, The Gentle Giants Of Ganymede, and Giants' Star.

Hence, it complements the trilogies of these three titles that were published in one volume as:

The Minervan Experiment, Nelson-Doubleday S.F. Book Club, (1982)


The Giants Novels, Ballantine/Del Rey (1991)

Many years ago, some editors asked me over lunch in New York once if I thought I'd ever write a fantasy novel, i.e. one in which magic can happen. I replied that I might, but if so, the magic would have an underpinning, somehow, in the physics and reality that we know. How, at the time, I wasn't sure, but Entoverse seemed as good a way as any of achieving it.

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