Endgame Enigma
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We're in a U.S.-versus-Soviets near-term future, with the standoff taking place behind orbiting warheads, space lasers, and all the other weaponry that became familiar in the Star Wars program being promoted in the eighties. Lewis McCain and Paula Bryce, a defense intelligence agent and an Air Force data systems scientist, posing as journalists, travel up to a massive Soviet space structure that the Soviets insist is a large-scale social experiment in off-Earth living, but which the military suspect camouflages a potentially decisive strategic weapons capability. The two Americans are exposed, captured, and detained there, and in the ensuing months uncover secrets of the place that transcend anything the mission planners dreamed of. The problem, of course, is to find a way of communicating what they know from inside a top-security, military-controlled environment to their principals back on Earth, since it's clear that there can be no physical escape from the isolated environment that McCain and Paula have been transported to. Or can there? . . . We have a mix of suspense, danger, escape, and applied ingenuity--along with some surprises that it would be inappropriate to touch upon here.

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