Voyage from Yesteryear
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Sometime back around 1976, before I moved to the U.S., I was sitting around in a pub with some friends, putting the world's problems right, when on of them asked me what the answer to the trouble in Northern Ireland was. I replied that there wasn't one; and then, after thinking for a minute, added ". . . unless you find a way to separate the children from the adults for at least a generation." For as long as the hatreds and prejudices were programmed in at an early age, there would be no end to it. It was a roundabout way of saying that there was no practicable solution that I could see.

Maybe one of the things that makes writers a little bit different is that having said something like that, they don't just forget about it but start turning it over in their minds. I found myself wondering how a society might develop that was descended from a first generation that had never been exposed to the social and psychological conditioning processes of conditioned human adults. The outcome was Voyage from Yesteryear, published by Ballantine/Del Rey in 1982. (That also helps answer another question that writers are always being asked, namely, how long it takes to write a book).

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