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James P. Hogan took the science fiction world by storm two decades ago with his first novel, which Isaac Asimov praised as "Pure Science Fiction," adding, "Arthur Clarke, move over." Hogan certainly moved both critics and readers, who have placed him firmly in the top rank of writers who write real science fiction about real science, with Publishers Weekly calling him a "Dean" of real SF. His appeal is not limited to hard-core SF readers, as shown by his numerous New York Times bestsellers. Now, Hogan offers his thousands of enthusiastic readers a special treat, giving them a guided tour through his many worlds, in Rockets, Redheads, and Revolution, a unique mix of fact and fiction.

Learn what new possibilities for smuggling contraband space travel will bring. Let Hogan explain how he personally brought about the fall of the Soviet Union, and at the cost of a mere $8.43; and be amazed by the secret weapon that might have allowed Communism to rule the world after all. See what it would be like to rent-a-body of your choice and what happened when a married couple both rented new bodies and got more than they bargained for! Laugh as you read how a technological advance may mean that a lot of political fanatics are finally going to get what they've got coming! And never mind what you've read in the papers--here's the truth about the depletion (if any) of the ozone layer. And much more. . .

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