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Mirror Maze is set in the year 2000 (way ahead in the future when I wrote it), with a new political party that appeared in the 90s--called the "Constitutionals," and affirming good, old, Jeffersonian values and a return to the kind of common sense that the nation has become hungry for--coming from nowhere and taking the presidential election. Sweeping changes are in the wind, which we can expect to be fiercely resisted by entrenched networks of international connections that conspiracy buffs will delight in, who have long-standing interests in keeping things the way they are.

We start with the murder of Eva, a young, female political activist that turns out to be a case of mistaken identity. The intended victim was her identical twin sister, Stephanie, who is a scientist. Stephanie is recruited by the intelligence arm of the Constitutional party to impersonate Eva, who was to have played a crucial part in high-stakes foreign-policy machinations essential to the stability of the new administration, and aimed ultimately at unmasking the true exploiters of the American nation and its people. The protagonist is a young lawyer called Mel, whom we meet leading a staid and secure existence as a junior partner in a Boston law firm, and ends up flying on a clandestine airborne operation into Syria with Israeli commandos. We also have purloined Russian missiles, aircraft hijacking, a plot to wipe out the entire administration on Inauguration day, and for once Americans and Russians end up working together to foil the real bad guys.

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