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The Libertarians must have liked Voyage From Yesteryear, for they gave me their Prometheus award for it and told me I was one of them. Getting to know them a bit more caused me to develop a curiosity about their ideas, which fitted in nicely as part of the background for a book I'd been contemplating writing as a political thriller, rather than science fiction.

To be honest, this book was something of a toe in the water to explore the potential of more mainstream fiction as an extension of the readership I had gained in writing science fiction. While it did have the desired effect of attracting a new category of readers who didn't go to the SF shelves and weren't familiar with what I'd done before, it also confused a number of the existing ones. A lot of stores weren't sure where to place it. Like it or not, a writer's name becomes a brand label with a definite image, and perhaps, with hindsight, it would have been better to use a pseudonym. While many of the new readers were telling each other, "You'll like what this new guy says about individualism and free markets," an equal number of hard SF enthusiasts were saying, "What's Hogan doing with all this political stuff?" Results were mixed, and I'm sure there is an invaluable lesson on book selling and marketing to be learned from them. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what it is.

The same comment applies to the politics, incidentally. I'm no longer young enough to know all the things that I was so sure of then.

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