Catastrophes, Chaos & Convolutions
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  • "The Guardians." 'Unbeatable' alien nanotech weaponry meets its match.
  • "Convolution." Time travel can lead to impossible tangles
  • "Decontamination Squad." Latest accomplishment of do-good cosmic meddlers.
  • "The Tree of Dreams." The planet Lydia is threatened by cultural invasion in the name of "progress" and for the benefit of investors. But the natives have dealt with this kind of thing before.
  • "Take Two." An underclass of consumer robots provides the answer to automated overproduction.
  • "The Falcon." Escape from a world of nightmares.


  • "Modern Medievalism." Why the 20th century doctrine of slow, gradual change represents a philosophical retreat to the world view of the Scholastics..
  • "The Cosmic Power Grid." Problems of a gravitation-dominated model of the universe and how an electrical theory provides simpler answers.
  • "Intelligence Test." Molecular-level difficulties for Darwinism and a scientific criterion for detecting the results of intelligence at work.


  • "Getting Better Connected." Saga of the JPH web site. Also, some selected postings from over the years.
  • "Why Do Readers Always Ask? . . ." Some of those questions that writers on convention panels hate being asked.
  • "The Trouble With Utopias." How do you design a society whose most essential attribute is that of not having been designed?
  • "Old, Unimproved Model." Getting 'over the hill' on life's bicycle and why the world needs teenagers.

And a bonus. One of the tastes I developed long ago is a fondness for cryptic crosswords. From time to time I've contributed my own compilations to such worthy causes as Analog magazine and the program book for some of the conventions that I've attended. Eleanor likes them too, and so we thought we would include one also with this collection.

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