The Legend That Was Earth
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Roland Cade has been doing well for himself since the Hyadeans established a presence on Earth -- a "fixer" and middleman located conveniently close to the alien Trade & Cultural Mission in Los Angeles, who always seems to have just the right contact for Terran businesspeople and Hyadean speculators scrambling to find a niche in the immensely profitable opportunities that interaction between the two economies is opening up. It's not good news for everybody, though, such as Terran professionals finding their livelihoods undercut by cheap alien AIs, or primary metals industries reduced to bankruptcy by alien extraction operations in Bolivia designed to earn Terran currency to buy palatial estates for the alien elites in some of Earth's most scenically exotic areas. Cade's attitude is that there will inevitably be winners and losers when wildly diverse cultures come into contact. Their differences caused the break between him and his politically more idealistic former-wife, Marie, who is rumored to have joined the Asian-backed "CounterAction" resistance movement being organized in North America.

But when a bizarre chain of circumstances cause Cade to recontact Marie, and they escape a set-up by government security forces thanks only to her quick thinking and experience, he begins to see the realities of the darker side to the alien-manipulated Washington administration. Each seeing the other in a new light, they are drawn into a whirlwind of events that takes them southward to witness firsthand the horrors of the desperate guerrilla war being fought in the western Amazon basin region of South America, while the U.S.A. splits into opposing eastern and western factions. The dividing line turns out not to be simply "them" and "us," but a belief in rightness and wrongness that has Terrans and Hyadeans arrayed on both sides. While the situation in the Americas degenerates rapidly to open war, Cade and a defecting Hyadean military officer called Hudro travel to Australia and then China to plead with the Asian high command at the futility of attempting direct confrontation. But the Terrans are too intoxicated with initial successes to back down. With Hudro, Cade returns to California to be drawn into the final, cataclysmic act against which nothing could prevail.

Or could something?

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