The Legend That Was Earth
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A lot of people asked over the years if I had any plans for an Earth-versus-aliens story, and since it turned out that Jim Baen and I appear to have been thinking along similar lines, I decided this is the time for it. We both wanted something different from the cliche of aliens showing up and promptly starting to bomb cities for no reason that ever makes sense. Instead, we begin at a point where the aliens have had a presence here for some time, and the line dividing the "good guys" from the "bad guys" is more complex. Some of Earth's powerful commercial and political interests have aligned themselves with the foreigners as agents to keep the natives in line and controllable, in return for wealth, prestige, advanced weaponry, and protection; other sections of the native population are getting indignant about being sold out and want to preserve their own ways. So the conflict begins between opposed Terran factions, and the aliens get sucked deeper in as things escalate. You're not going to beat them in a straight, standup firefight, of course. But . . . there are other ways.

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