The Infinity Gambit
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In The Infinity Gambit, Fallon is recruited by the government of a black-African state to penetrate a rebel movement that's bringing the country to civil war, and eliminate its leaders. The government itself, however, turns out to be not-so-straight, backed by shady Western political and commercial interests, and Fallon ends up ostensibly working undercover for each side within the other, creating mistrust and suspicions all around.

The thought was to develop it into a series. Although jungle camouflage was appropriate to this initial book, later stories would find Fallon moving into higher social circles, targeting the true, top- organizers of international extortion and terrorism, normally protected by anonymity and position. However, major reorganizational changes occurred in the publisher at around that time, and that editorial group scattered to different places. Maybe the thread will be picked up again another day. I still get occasional letters from readers asking when "The Colonel" will be calling on Fallon again with another job.

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