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"Truly imaginative technology."
       --Publishers Weekly

"An intriguing continuation to the Inherit the Stars saga, Giants' Star picks up where The Gentle Giants of Ganymede left off. This entry continues the problem solving theme of the first volume (Inherit the Stars), except the mystery is a current and urgent one, not just an ancient puzzle concerning man's origins. The cast of characters includes the familiar faces of Vic Hunt and Chris Danchekker, their Ganymean friends (including the irrepressible ZORAC) and many new friends, and, in something of a first for this series, enemies. Typical Hogan high tech extrapolation, including the use of a virtual reality technology by the aliens (impressive for a book written in the early 80s). If you've enjoyed this series so far, you'll find this volume a worthy successor. Enjoy!"
       --amazon.com reviewer: Thomas Moore, Maryland, June 25, 2000

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