The Gentle Giants of Ganymede
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"Scientists' efforts to uncover the unexpected genetic link between Terran and Minervan life is aided by the equally unexpected reappearance of a Minervan ship. Interesting reading for sf enthusiasts and for those who enjoy a methodical analysis of a complex theory."
     --- Kliatt

"Splendidly scientific, richly written, and a delight to read."
     --- Serpent's Tooth

"An epic, a future classic of our time, ode to space travel. I was electrified by the breathtaking ideas and sweeping concepts, from the origins of the human race to the possibilities of 'what's out there...' I think all young people, 15 to 25, should read this book in school sometime. After I read this, I read Inherit the Stars, and was totally amazed when Giants' Star came out. This book is great fun and a great learning experience. The whole trilogy is one of the greatest works of this 20th Century that fades away. Lots of books will fade away, but the Trilogy will go on. Cheers to Mr. Hogan!"
     --- Reviewer: gnominus@earthling.net from Berkeley, Calif., US on amazon.com

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