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Absolutely first rate hard science fiction, This was the first book of Hogan's that I picked up, almost twenty years ago. I was amazed by the story Hogan could tell - an intelligent, well thought out scientific thriller, with believable characters who acted upon real motives. Do yourself a favour and buy everything by Hogan you can get your hands on. This man can write!
    - amazon.com reader dice@bc.sympatico.ca from BC, Canada

Sc-Fi at it's best This book is a exciting fast paced read and I would recomend it to any reader
     -amazon.com reader Jedidiah (kb3cls@yahoo.com), USA

Read as a teen - First book I felt I couldn't put down.
     -amazon.com reader RTODonnell@aol.com from Dayton, OH

"Tense drama unfolds in this tale of bureaucrats versus research scientists. . . . Stretches the mind to new dimensions."
    -Fort. Worth, Texas Morning Star

"Hogan succeeds where som many science-fiction writers fail: in creating and skillfully developing a scientific premise with enough teeth in it to be a source of pleasure rather than embarrassment."
    -Kirkus Reviews

"A real winner, a plausibly constructed and persuasively presented unified field theory that ties together everything from anomalous subatomic particles to black holes."
    -Library Journal

"A technological fairy tale with an outrageous premise made credible by the author's up-to-the- minute knowledge of contemporary physics."
    -The Aleph

"Hard, speculative science-fiction at its best."

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