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Reviews and Reader Comments

" . . . one of the most inventive, compelling and believable sci-fi novels on the market. The plot is superb, the twists and turns labyrinthine, and the ending both powerful and satisfying."
    - Colin Milton, Aberdeen Evening Press

"A well-paced adventure . . . wringing the last drop of suspense from a hard-science premise."
    - Xignals

". . . a tautly constructed, well-plotted, and well-written . . . mix of mystery, espionage, and the high-tech SF Hogan is known for. The real truth of the station Valentina Tereshkova is mind-boggling almost beyond belief."
    - Fosfax

". . . all the ingredients one could desire: a beautiful American agent in deadly danger, a labyrinthine space station well-designed for skullduggery, diabolical Soviet plotters, and deceptions that deceive the reader. A splendid read."
    - Adrian Berry, London Telegraph

"If you like your spy stories heavily salted with science, the detailed world of the Valentina Tereshkova will fascinate you. . . .A fascinating view into the future."
    - Rave Reviews

"A spy novel . . . hahah . . . man, you are DIVERSE! And everything you've written that I've read so far is very very well executed. I'm wholly impressed! This one is going to be a page-turner already, I can tell...hell, it already is! 90 pages in one night when I'm burned out and ill and sleepy is an indication of a fantastic book these days. Again, you could give any of the contemporaries a run for their money and then some!"
    - G.R. via e-mail

"Never before have I read a book that actually lives up to all the critics' praise on its cover."
    - D. S., Cambridge, Massachusetts

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