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"[A] magnificent contribution to the modern approach to science for the general public. I can state categorically that this is one of the most eye-opening books I have ever read. . . . a life-changing source of iconoclastic information."
    -- Herbert J. Spencer, Ph.D., iconoclastic theoretical physicist, Imperial College, London University

"[E]veryone can surely learn something from this book . . . These issues should be the focus of continuing discussion in the scientific community and among those who deal with applications and implications of science; they should be made familiar through formal education, and the media should be thoroughly informed about them. That is far from the case; and that fact amounts to a resounding failure in our culture on the part of both the media and of education."
    -- Professor Henry Bauer, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry & Science Studies, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University. Editor-in-Chief Journal of Scientific Exploration (see www.scientificexploration.org)

"Bravo! What a worldly understanding of behavior, what deft language to describe it, and what a thorough job in exposing the flaws in the defenses of the paradigms you treat. A tour de force. A magnificent job."
    -- Anthony Liversidge, New York science writer and journalist

"An excellent book! Very impressive. It should be used in all high school science classes, but of course it won't be."
    -- Dr. C.J. Ransom, Plasma Physicist, Director of Research, Vemasat Research Institute, Texas

"I found it outstanding! Hogan totally, unabashedly understands it!"
    -- David Steele, San Francisco attorney, regarding the section on AIDS

"Terrific book -- concise, lucid, accurate, compelling and inspirational. Very very well done. My heartiest congratulations on a superb piece of work"
    -- Charles L. Geshekter, Professor of African history and economics, California State Univeristy, Chico

"A terrific job. The chapter on relativity and ether looks great. It's clearly explained [with] all the details correct. . . . I hope the book will be widely read. It should be required reading for all scientists."
    -- George Marklin, Research Scientist, Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Washington, Seattle

"Hogan's willingness to look at other views from outside the mainstream of acceptability does not arise from an inability to understand 'real science'; it comes from understanding science in a deeper way than many scientists do. His willingness to consider "heretical" views does not arise from a lack of skepticism; it comes from being more skeptical of accepted science than most people are used to"
    -- Jeffrey Kooistra, Analog

"[The book] stirred up a distant memory of extant reading . . . Cicero wrote 'that we do not recklessly and presumptuously assume something to be true.' Good advice for every millenium."
    -- Dr. Valendar Turner, Royal Perth Hospital, Western Australia

"What a masterpiece! I am taking a short break to tell you how much I am enjoying it and because I don't want it to end. It's a diamond in a dog(ma) pen; an asteroid of reason into a pond of insanity."
    -- P.S. La Mesa, California

"Well done -- ahead of its time -- and thanks for making us think more."
    -- C.W., Computer scientist, Washington D.C.

"In Kicking the Sacred Cow, Hogan looks at the virus-AIDS hypothesis with the eyes of the boy who looked at the emperor's new clothes -- spelling out what everybody can see, but hardly anybody dares to say: 'Billions of dollars continue to be spent every year on trying to unravel the mysteries of how HIV can make you sick without being present, and how an antibody can neutralize the virus but not suppress the disease. Scientific principles that have stood well for a hundred years are arbitrarily discarded to enable, what's offered as logic, to hang together at all. And the best that can be done at the end of it all is to prescribe a treatment that's lethal even if the disease is not.'"
    -- Peter Duesberg, Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley

"Ideology increasingly drives science, so that dogmas become entrenched and dissent, even informed dissent, gets quashed. Many areas of science in which the public is told there exists scientific consensus are in fact riven with controversy and poorly supported by evidence. In Kicking the Sacred Cow, James Hogan unmasks such pretentious. Hogan is a master iconoclast."
    -- William A. Dembski, Professor of Research into the Conceptual Foundations of Science, Baylor University, author of The Design Revolution

"Your book is important and well-written. Bravo!"
    -- Halton Arp, Astronomer, Max Planck Intitut fur Astrophysik, Germany

"To look at the world, and to see not just things that one has been taught to see, but also many things that one has not been taught to see, and even some things that one has been taught not to see, is one of the toughest challenges anyone can face. Hogan has succeeded admirably here; his accomplishments are 'as difficult as they are rare' (Spinoza)."
    -- Lynn E. Rose, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, State University of New York at Buffalo

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