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"Can you imagine my delight as I began Chapter 3 and encountered Prof. Danchekker describing my research over the period 1989-1998! The description of non-random mutations in bacteria was quite accurate, as was the discussion of the implications for evolutionary biology. I do wish that I had been as successful in elucidating a mechanism. Although I've written over 120 research articles and two books, I remain awed by those who can write science fiction. Those of us who describe our original research have it easy--we just try to explain what we have done and what we think it means."
      -- Barry G. Hall, Professor of Biology Emeritus, University of Rochester, New York

"A Tour de Force. One of your best works yet."
      -- A.M.B., Malta, via e-mail

"There are tons of neat ideas here. Hogan's version of the multiverse and how parallel worlds work is well thought out and unique. His conception allows him to pull off some nifty set pieces, such as when one "multiporter" experiment leads to the convergence and collapse of several contradictory timelines into one jumbled up fusion . . . The climactic method by which Hunt and company pull their chestnuts out of the fire is also pretty darn flashy and fun. But Hogan is not concerned simply with physics. The culture of the Giants is radically different from ours, and Hogan . . . has a lot to say about mature, sane cultures and how we might become one!

"All of this action and speculation is conveyed through realistic characters, an agreeable prose style, dollops of humor . . . and a good old sense of wonder. Hogan's hardly stood still for three decades, and can be proud of the books he's gifted us with. [His] brand of SF is probably what John Campbell would be publishing if he were alive today."
      -- Science Fiction Book Reviews at www.scifi.com

"Totally mind-bending, thoroughly enjoyable, and one hell of a ride! Fantastic job!!!!! The years of waiting were entirely worth it!"
      -- M.L., Fairlight Consulting, KY

"Hogan does an excellent job of extrapolating the science from current theories of quantum physics [and in the] second half moves briskly and logically to a satisfying climax . . . Readers who like their science hard will find this one a diamond.
      -- Publishers Weekly (May, 2005)

"I'm glad Mr. Hogan has continued the series. Few series such as this from the 1970's has held up as well or lasted as long. I think that's a statement to both the quality of the work and the ability of the author to weave scientific discovery and theory into a tapestry that makes sense despite the advancement of technology in the real world. There really isn't a much higher compliment."
      -- Jim, amazon.com review

"How sequels should be done! It's seldom that sequels live up to their predecessors. James P. Hogan shows once again that he can not only live up to his past work he can deliver work that surpasses his past accomplishments, yielding brilliant work that enthralls and tantalizes readers. Mission to Minerva is a wonderful novel of discovery, philosophy, and that unique mix of action/adventure and hard science of which his past works have proven him a true master craftsman."
      -- M.A.L., amazon.com review

"You have a way of making the reader really detest the bad guy, which makes his demise that much more satisfying."
      --John Brautlacht, aka 'The Redeye Knight,' droid-builder, Kittitas, Washington State, USA

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