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"This has been my favorite book for years. Whenever I get fed up with this world and this society, I escape into this book for awhile. It refreshes my dreams for the future."
    - M.S. (via e-mail)

A longer review of Voyage from Yesteryear is included in the April 20 week issue of the Libertarian newsletter "Laissez Faire City Times" see http//www.zolatimes.com/V3.16/voyage.html

"Hogan demonstrates not only a talent for imaginative social science but also a talent for characterization. Voyage from Yesteryear is a study in psychological opposites . . . yet its heroes are never stereotyped, and its villains are never reduced to caricature.  The final outcome has more surprising plot twists than even the informed reader may suspect."
    - Reason magazine

". . . a good story, clearly told and intelligently based, with enough action and intrigue to keep it moving  through its considerable length.  Classic--and classy--science fiction indeed."
    - Asimov's

"This is one of my favorite scifi-utopian novels of all time."
    - Amazon.com reader

"Pure science fiction. One of the foundations of SF is examining the consequences of science and technology on society. . . . Here Hogan creates two diametrically opposed societies - those of Earth founded on limited resources and those of the newly colonized planet Chrion having unlimited resources. Telling the story from the viewpoint of soldiers on the second colonization starship traveling and landing on the planet Chrion, Hogan explores his vision of what humanity can be."
    - Shopper from Dallas, TX

"Excellent blend of hard SF and social commentary. . . . This is an excellent book, featuring some very imaginative hard SF concepts and far-reaching social commentary. Hogan's writing is expert, and his ear for the voice of the military grunts who are the focus of much of the book's action is unerring--kind of an interstellar MASH or Catch-22. This is one that I really didn't want to end."
    - T.R., Vermont

"This book changed my life forever, together with Heinlein's 'Time Enough for Love'. A must."
    - Amazon.com reader

"Terrific book! It's so rare these days to find a book of visionary, optimistic ideas like this. I was beginning to fear that there are no visionary optimists left. I hope your outlook on life hasn't changed . . ."
    — Phil Meade, via e-mail

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