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"Hard science fiction from the writer who brought us Code of the Lifemaker. Once again we are presented with machines that think, machines that don't always do just exactly what their makers planned. . . .  A test case is set up, and the machine's makers find that they have vastly underestimated its capabilities. Will the machines win?   Will the humans come out on top?  Or will there be a third solution to the problem, one that requires the destruction of neither side?"
    - Norm's Notes

"Superscience fiction . . . a magnum opus of its kind. . . .  The ideas crackle and the plot moves like thunder."
    - Booklist

". . . highly recommended (especially for computer people) as possibly the finest and most realistic man vs. intelligent machine story ever done."
    - Thrust

". . . an extremely plausible account of how high levels of artificial intelligence could be developed using sophisticated computer simulation in the future."
    - The CoEvolution Quarterly

Still the best SF book on intelligent computers.
Hogan spent time discussing the premise of this book with such AI geniuses as Marvin Minsky, and it shows. A very plausible scenario and exciting execution. Also available as a well-adapted comic book from Dark Horse Comics.
    - A reader from San Francisco, CA , January 25, 1998

Better Than A Space Odyssey
If I had the money, I'd get this story made into a movie! If you like Sci-Fi, and liked 2001 a lot, you've gotta give this a read. I've read it three times so far, and I'm about to order it so I can read it again (I've never owned it.)
    - tpotter@pobox.com from Long Beach, California, USA (Tom Potter) , October 10, 1997

Great book! Glad they re-issued it-very pertinent for today.
Read this story in '82 and was very impressed. Should stand well today and deals with a most important question which we'll have to face eventually. Has exciting ending and would make excellent film.
    - A reader from Charlottesville, VA , October 1, 1997

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