Thrice Upon a Time
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"The publisher hails this writer as putting the science back into science fiction, and he does so in a very winning way."
    - Library Journal

"When the soul is anguished . . . the solace from this book's visions is a soothing balm that carries one through to try again tomorrow. . . . The book is top-notch. As a story it's exciting and involving."
    - Byte

"A mind-boggler, like all of James P. Hogan's books to date."
    - Milwaukee Journal

"A mind-stretching and exciting novel. . . . Fans of Asimov and Clarke will thoroughly enjoy."
    - Santa Cruz Sentinel

"One of the few writers who can take a complex subject like time, write a 300+ page novel about it full of complex technical explanations, and still have it come out readable and entertaining. . . . I will guarantee you an excellent time with this book."
    - Westwind

A Great Story 3 Times Over!, March 8, 2000
"I've never been a fan of "conventional" time travel stories with ideas of parallel timelines or other ways around the famous "grandfather paradox." They've all seemed cheesy. Along comes Hogan, who looks at the paradox square in the eye, and deals with it once and for all. Foes of time travel stories won't find this one hard to follow. Hogan takes the reader along with himself, describing the 3 different histories and how they change, without losing the reader in a miasma of contradictions and scene-switches."
    - amazon.com reader Joe Sewell, Melbourne, FL, USA

Imagination Bender, October 16, 1997
"Thrice Upon a Time is not a book to read if you're not ready to be totally absorbed. The author allows the reader to imagine the consequences of altering the entire universe by changing one small event in the past. The reader will quickly become lost in the story-line as well as the characters. This book is excellent if you're prepared to do some thinking. I highly recommend it."
    - amazon.com reader from Ambler, Pennsylvania

Hogan's Best, July 6, 1997
"Beware: Once you have read this book, you will never look at time travel in other stories in the same way. Hogan is the master of taking pure science, and, making some small assumptions, creating a whole new set of theories to be explored. This book, in my opinion, is his finest effort to date. Many science fiction stories use time travel as a plot device. Hogan's novel speculates about the very nature of time. He does this by creating a theory by which it is possible to communicate backwards through time, and explores the consequences. I guess the thing that I like most about his writing is that he requires his readers to suspend disbelief on one or two small details, and then uses those details to create several surprising turns in the plot. When looked at from the end, these plot turns seem obvious, but the first time through it is truly surprising where the assumptions will lead."
    - amazon.com reader

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