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Reading Star Child and I want you to know this is some of the best enchantment I've had since Heinlein went on Glory Road. Keep it up.
    - M.M., Chicago

"In many ways, I think this is your best thought-out and best-constructed effort yet. . . . [Y]ou have a description of God that is as close to what I'm willing to accept as most anything I've seen. I find it amusing that Physics, which started as a hard science, has now metamorphosed into what could be called a hard philosophy, if not a religion! The things we have have discovered at the quantum level are so strange and wonderful that we are forced to ask some pretty uncomfortable questions about where it all came from."
    - M.F. (via e-mail)

"SF the way it used to be written, before the advent of media tie-ins. Highly recommended for all collections."
    - KLIATT magazine

Amazon.com Reader Comments:
This is one of James P. Hogan's best works. This novel is light reading that carries a nice and innocent story line and concludes with a beautiful ending. Marvelous introduction of secondary players in mechanical entities that serve as analysts of the main character, Taya. It was easy to get into and I wasn't able to put the book down until I finished it.
    - kopachan@pssch.ps.ge.com from Schenectady, NY USA , September 2, 1998

Excellent book by an excellent writer. I could be accused of being biased, since I have been a BIG fan of James P. Hogan ever since I first picked up "Inherit the Stars" over ten years ago, but I would have to say that "Star Child" is one of the best books I have read in some time. It is a collection of four linked stories about Taya and her robot mentor Kort. The first Story, "Silver Shoes for a Princess" was originally published in 1979. In that story, Taya is 9 years old and travelling through space aboard a mysterious spacecraft called Merkon, headed toward a star called Vaxis. I don't want to give away too much of the story, but in the second story, Taya is 19 and they are just landing on the planet they call Azure. In the third story, she is in her 40's, and we learn more about the mystery of Merkon. In the final story, she is an old woman and Kort must face what will happen to him when she dies. Hogan is adept at presenting us with a puzzle, which is gradually unravelled in a logical manner. Even aspects that might otherwise be thought of as spiritual or mystical are examined in a rational way. If you are a Hogan fan, as I am, you should run, not walk, to your favorite bookstore and snap this one up! If you have read a few, or even none, of his previous works, I would urge you to do likewise, then look for his other books. Either way, you are in for a treat.
    -jlewallen@mindspring.com from Tucker, GA., June 26, 1998

"I would just like to say that your novel "Star Child" is one of the greatest, most imaginative, most beautifully written and profoundly considered books I have read in my entire life. Thank you sincerely, Sir, for such a noble work"     -Ulex Xane, Australia, via e-mail

"Thank you for Star Child in particular. I read it with my children who were then 9 and 11. It was a very special story to share with my very special children."     -Sherry Young, Colorado

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