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Thank you for your essay in your book, Rockets, Redheads... on AIDS. You did a perfect job of summrizing Duesberg's book. Your other subjects are so stimulating and have shown me a different, logical view. I'm still not through with the book but I had to comment on the aids article right away."

    -D.S. (via e-mail)

"Hogan provides an amusing guided tour through his multifaceted mind."
    -SF Age

Once again Hogan blew me away
As Hogan is my favorite author, it's no surprise that Rockets, Redheads and Revolution was a pure delight. Even though it makes one think long and hard about one's opinions. It opens one's eyes on a variety of subjects; the Soviet Union and the Space Race, AIDS, the ozone layer, the theory of evolution and offers some thoughtful, but delightful "stories", as well. What can we do about bad, evil people? Read and see what you think of Hogan's "solution." If you think you know all, read and think again! Is it politics, or the media, or are we just not paying attention? If you want to challenge yourself, don't miss this one. And if you like this one, don't miss Minds, Machines and Evolution, a previous work in the same vein.
    -Susan Panioli at jpanioli@catskill.net from Downsville, NY , June 1, 1999, amazon.com

You've GOT to read this book!
This book will challenge your assumptions. No, change that -- It will shake your belief system to its very core. This is not a book for the faint-hearted, or the mush-headed, because this book will actually expect you to THINK.

And oh, by the way, Hogan will entertain you with some delightful stories for your efforts. Some will dismiss this book because they wrongly interpret one of Hogan's essays as pro-creationism, but it isn't. It is much more radical -in the good sense of meaning "getting to the root"- because it dares to ask science to look at the evidence and come up with a better explanation than the standard evolution theory. But he is not a creationist. He understands how science is supposed to work; he does not accept the supernatural or the irrational as a means to explain how the world works. The same is true for his essays on "ozone depletion" and on AIDS. He asks questions that others have been suppressed from asking. He takes some controversial points of view -- which some people don't even realize exist. He asks us to open our eyes, and look at the facts. I wonder how many of us will have the courage to look. As Hogan draws the analogy, how many of us will be like the bishops who refused to look through Galileo's telescope, and will deny the existence of those things that don't fit with our parochial view of the universe.

It's not all science and politics, though. There's plenty of humor and warmth. His story "Madame Butterfly" is a wonderful exposition of the effect of "random acts of kindness". The tales of his struggles to restore a house in Ireland are bitter-sweet, like a cool pint of Guinness.

So pull up a barstool. Take a sip. It'll sharpen your wits.
    -amazon.com reader from Atlanta, GA , May 11, 1999

Entertaining and thought-provoking. . . ."Madam Butterfly" was excellent, I would say that it was worth getting this book for that story alone. The non-fiction articles were in two categories amusing auto-bographical sketches, and thought-provoking and sometimes controversial science articles. If you are a Hogan fan, as I am, you should definitely read this. If you are new to his work, this book could serve as an introduction. Either way, I heartily recommend it.
    - J.L.W. from Tucker, GA

A good author gone bad
I've liked all his past books, but certainly not this one. Some of the fiction is good--but I had already read it elsewhere. The non-fiction, though: He is asserting that HIV doesn't cause AIDS, he basically supports creationism and he's saying that ozone depletion is nonsensical. If they were well-supported positions I could accept that from a SF author, but they are only well-supported by very selective use of evidence.
    -amazon.com reader from Las Vegas, Nevada , May 7, 1999

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