Realtime Interrupt
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Reviews and Reader Comments

"No one is more adept at combining the techno-thriller format with sophisticated science fictional concepts."
    -Rave Reviews

"Hogan's grasp of the technology behind virtual reality lends immediacy and credibility to this suspenseful tale of paranoia and politics on the cutting edge of science."
    -Library Journal

"Realistically illustrating a dangerous combination of computer research, corporate politics, market pressure, and personal ambition, the author delivers a frighteningly believable scenario of science gone awry."
    -Publishers Weekly

" . . . thanks for making my library someplace very, very pleasant to escape to!!"
    -Wayne (via e-mail)

"A delightful romp through reality and simulation, with pure genius behind the creation of this plot. The strong writing and credible characters really add to the believability that the simulation is actually real."
    -Linear Reflections -- Click for full review.

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