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"An entertaining, imaginative yarn. . . .  Sign up for this ride."
    - Publishers Weekly

"An intriguing blend of paranoia and optimism, scientific puzzle story and outright adventure.
    - Science Fiction Chronicle

"Another winner for Hogan and his readers"
    - Booklist

"This is hard science fiction at its best.  Hogan starts with a few extrapolations to state-of -the-are scientific theories.  Then the story takes off effortlessly, and proceeds to reveal the overwhelming implications.  The depiction of the atmosphere of scientific research is authentic and absorbing. The book is full of ideas, the scientific ones seamlessly integrated with speculations on such things as parallel histories, evolution, and the nature of the human mind.  Some of the fictional science is so plausible and consistent that I found myself taking up pencil and paper to see if it could really work.
    - David Deutsch, Professor of Physics, Oxford University.  Author of The Fabric of Reality

I've just this second finished your brilliant novel entitled Paths to Otherwhere. This is the 2nd time I've read it in the last 4 or so years. I was absolutely enthralled once again . . . I liken writing a novel to conducting an orchestra. One has to coordinate so many sections of the story/characters/players/plot at the same time and make everything work together into a whole that sounds 'right'. Well, your stories always do that for me."
    -- M.K. Chicago

"For his persuasive dramatizations of physics-based engagements of the whole self I would like to thank James P. Hogan, with particular appreciation for his fine novel Paths To Otherwhere (Baen 1996). In Hogan's tale the human ability to simultaneously experience multiple quantum possibilities (an example of what I call an NCO) is augmented by machines at Los Alamos National Laboratory to permit a kind of 'soul transfer' into congenial portions of the Quantum Multiverse."
      -- Physicist Nick Herbert, from his speculative paper "The Lunarator," posted at quantumtantra.com/quim2.html


From Amazon.com reader comments:

***Mind boggling! A roller coaster of possibilities. Made me stop and think about several "What ifs?"***
    - A reader from USA , August 29, 1998

Paths to Otherwhere is excellent hard sci-fi.  I sat down yesterday afternoon to start in on Paths to Otherwhere, and ended up finishing it hours later. I couldn't put it down. Hogan uses ideas on multiple universes (alternate realities) plausibly to create an intriguing story. The main stream of the story lies in the characters' desire (and conflict in trying) to get away from the political conspiring and social stratification that they must work in. Simple research in evolution turns into complex cross universe scheming to find something close to utopia.
    - A reader , July 21, 1997

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