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"I was totally astonished when I read Outward Bound. There are no words -- well perhaps there are words, I just can't find them -- to tell you what a terrific story that was!"
    - EDT, Georgia

"I Just finished reading Outward Bound. I picked it up about 30 hours ago at the public library . . . I read, and read, and read. Thanks for putting your web site on the fly cover. And thanks for writing this great book."
    - D.R., San Francisco (via e-mail)

"Where else can one find a good hard-science juvenile these days? Do we really want to deliver our kids into the hands of all those New Age quacks, without even trying to resist?"
    - F.K. (via e-mail)

". . . depicts a young man's rite of passage as he makes his way from a troubled youth to a responsible citizen of the future. Reminiscent of the early works of Heinlein in its appeal to teenage readers."
    - Library Journal

"The action never lags . . . Hogan does a fine job in making real, and even heroic, his young protagonist's struggle to redefine himself far away from anything he has ever known."
    - Publishers Weekly

"Thank you for being an author and writing Outward Bound. You have opened a great world to me and everyone else who has shared in the joy of the reading."
    - G.C., via e-mail

Two long reviews of Outward Bound are included on the Hogan Fan site at www.monadnock.net/fanspaces/hogan/. While you're there, you might find the rest of it interesting too.

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