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"Hogan skillfully draws the reader into a fascinating philosophical and theological debate, without ever forgetting that he's supposed to entertain and tell a good story."
    - Newsday

"One of the best science fiction novels ever.
As someone with a background in biology and computer science (my degree was in cellular biology, but I work in computer software), I found Hogan's Code of the Lifemaker awesome. The world he creates, where machine intelligences evolve self-awareness, is unlike anything you've ever imagined. Yet his understanding of evolution makes it completely plausible."
    - AMAZON.COM reader from Cambridge, MA

". . . filled with action, as each group goes against the other. It's also filled with humor, reminiscent of the gentle satire of Jonathan Swift."
    - Cedar Rapids, IA, Gazette

"One of the best books I've ever read -- The book manages to give many new perspectives on commonly asked questions about religion, life, death, science, and the universe without ever getting dull. It is truly a fascinating read.
    - AMAZON.COM reader

"A story of cross, double-cross and intrigue, with some surprising reverses at the end. [Hogan] handles both fiction and philosophy in a most delightful manner."
    - Columbus Dispatch

"[T]his is an excellent story, very clearly conceived and written. As always, a Hogan book is hard to put down . . . Hogan presents details of setting and character with a liveliness that I find in no other science fiction writer."
    - Rapid City S.D. Journal

"Hogan has never written a bad book, and this is one of his best. A minor masterpiece of intelligent writing and characterization. Most highly recommended."
    - S.F. & Fantasy Review

"Man, that book had me rolling with its comparisons to religions of our world at every corner . . . I can't count the times I laughed out loud at the irony . . . Great book!"
    - F.C., via e-mail

"I finished the book with the feeling that I had just finished one of the finest novels that had ever been in print . . . [y]our ideas, presented through your books, have become part of me, and I feel I am a better person as a result."
    - L.R., Ontario, Canada

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