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I was so impressed by Know Nukes that I wrote a short 5-Star review at Amazon.com today before I finished the book. I rarely discuss nuclear power with anyone, because nobody wants to listen to the facts. I worked my way through college at General Atomics in San Diego back in the 60s, and learned so much from the real experts.
    -P.S. La Mesa, California

Another collection of masterpieces. Known Nukes should be translated into all languages, understood and globally debated.
    - amazon.com reader

I bought Minds, Machines and Evolution yesterday, and to me Silver Shoes for a Princess is by far the finest SF short story I have ever come across, in 25 years of reading SF.
    -D.K., Ireland

This book is a wonderful mix of fiction and non-fiction stories. The stories are so well written, the reader is unsure which is which. There is also a blend in some of the stories of both types of story. If anyone can find this book, read it and see for yourself. You will never get rid of it.
    -amazon.com reader

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