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"It is unusual to find a book as readable as this one that deals with a complicated, mathematics-intensive discipline such as AI. The text is understandable even when it is explaining the engineering issues of parallel processing. Plenty of footnotes provide references to more technical material. Hogan's work in in Mind Matters deserves to stand with the best works of popular science writing."     - AMAZON.COM General Computing Editor's Recommended Book, 04/01/98

"Carefully organized to carry the reader from the earliest attempts to understand mind to current technologies designed to model logical thought and the behavior of that system of interconnected neurons in that electrochemical soup we call the brain, this book is comprehensive, timely, and accessible.
    - Publisher's Weekly

"Here [Hogan] looks at the real-world progress and prospects of AI. Combining strong hard-science credentials with a willingness to defy received scientific opinion, he has written one of the more interesting in the recent flurry of books on this developing field."
    - Asimov's

"I must say, it was an excellent piece of literature and very informative."
    - J.C., Massachusetts

"Having what was a passing interest in AI, I purchased your book to hopefully better educate myself on the subject. Well MIND MATTERS did exactly that, I read your book in two days, no mean feat for me as my attention span can be somewhat short especially if the subject matter wanders off into the incomprehensible. I was as they say a captive audience, becoming completely immersed in the AI story you penned. Your writing style in my opinion is superb, and perfectly suited to communicate to the layman a subject that could very quickly become a reference guide understood only by those scholars directly involved with the ongoing development of AI."
    - D.L., California

"Just a note of congratulations. I read AI books for fun, up through easy graduate texts, & found Mind Matters to be about as enjoyable a read as I have ever encountered - couldn't put it down & read it over a weekend."
    - D.T., Utah

"I am an avid enthusiast of artificial intelligence. After reading 15 or so books on AI, I cracked open Mind Matters expecting a rehash of concepts that I have heard many times before. To my pleasant surprise, Mind Matters explored areas of AI new to me. It is one of the few books in my growing collection that explores the true breadth of the field . . . Most importantly, the book provided me some powerful insights about the impact of AI technologies on mankind. Thank you for your mind-opening perspective."
    — R.V., Founder of a California software company

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