The Legend That Was Earth
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Reviews and Reader Comments

"Intriguing and thoughtful, with an agreeably ironic edge."
    - Kirkus Reviews

"The terrors of a capitalistic society in free fall are amply illustrated in this cautionary tale about collusion between an alien superpower exploiting Earth and U.S. officials too greedy to care . . . Energetic narrative, engaging characters, and strikingly real presentation of a plausible immediate future."
    - Publishers Weekly

"Legend totally rocked my world. Read it in three sittings, the first of which was 246 pages. Couldn't stand to put it down. WOW! Fantastic work! I totally went short on sleep a few days there. Incredibly well put together . . . again, WOW!"
    - M.F., Kentucky, via e-mail

"Many authors have dealt with this theme in the past, but for the most part as simple "us vs. them" tales. Hogan makes his situations and characters much more realistic by portraying the factional differences in both the human and the Hyadean race. Another in a growing list of first rate novels from one of the standard bearers in the field."
    - S.F. Chronicle

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