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"Arthur Clarke, move over!"
     --- Isaac Asimov

"Like some mind-boggling onion, the story is unpeeled layer after layer right up to the why-didn't-I-see-it-before solution."
     --- "Reader" Reviews

"'Hard science' fiction with a lovely vengeance, but done so well that almost no scientific background is needed to understand and enjoy it. . . . Highly recommended."
     --- Analog

"Intellectual action portrayed as excitingly as any space war-a truly absorbing read, and a reminder that learning is one of the greatest human adventures."
     --- Publishers Weekly

"It's been more than 20 years since I first read Inherit the Stars, and yet I still rank this book #1 of all my favourite SF books. . . .
     --- Reviewer: John Mihic, amazon.com

"One of the best Hard Sci?Fi books I've ever read!"
     --- amazon.com reader from Decatur IL

"Good solid SF with astounding twists. Get this it's the near future. You find a dead man on the moon in a spacesuit. Only problem is, he's 50,000 years old! Go figure!"
     --- amazon.com reader from Dallas, TX

"I just wish to congratulate you for your book Inherit The Stars, one of the best SF novels I have read."
     --- Marco Castellani, Italy

"That little novel you wrote to win an office bet is still being read and still inspiring. Just wanted you to know. And I wanted to thank you for putting your creativity and insight into print for the rest of us to enjoy!"
     --- Michael Coyote, Seattle, WA

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