The Immortality Option
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"Treading the thin edge of imagination can be risky in some businesses, but it's the only place to be in science fiction. James P. Hogan comes close to the edge while exploring the nature of consciousness--human and artificial."
    -Washington Times

"A book well worth reading, and if you haven't read Code of the Lifemaker, which I consider the author's best book so far, find a copy and read it too."
     -Norm Hartman, The Book Net

"Hogan['s] dazzling hard-science speculations on the seemingly endless possibilities of machine intelligence lift this sequel above the level of its predecessor"

"In the original, the author blew me away with natural evolution for robots. In this book, he keeps artful, suspenseful control of a plot that spans over a million years, two star systems, three very distinct species, and several outstanding individuals. I made the mistake of reading this book before going to bed..I couldn't put it down to go to sleep! The mood swings, sometimes abruptly, from wonder, to laugh-out-loud funny, to nail-biting tension. All my favorite characters from the original return, and are joined by the imaginatively-rendered Borijans and their AI GENIUS in a three-way battle for the future of Titan, which is also a battle between science and nonsense, gullibility and guile, compassion and selfishness."
     -amazon.com reader

"In this sequel to Code of the Lifemaker we learn much about the race that created the craft that landed on Titan and started the ball rolling and, find out that a hidden agenda made a routine exploration mission somewhat less than routine. By the end, we discover that paranoia and gullibility are not strictly human traits but universal in nature and applicable to aliens and computers alike. While Code of the Lifemaker and The Immortality Option stand up on their own, together they're a blast."
    -amazon.com reader

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