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Chosen for inclusion in the Young Adult Services 1998 recommended list of the American Library Association and
    -"Books for the Teen Age," New York Public Library

"I finished "Bug Park" on the plane home, and the only thing that kept me from leaping out of my seat and yowling "YeeeHaaaa!" was my seatbelt and a sense of propriety. I didn't want to embarrass my husband."
- EDT, Georgia

"Hogan's talent carries the reader from peak to peak in the story, while his knowledge of science and the meticulously drawn Seattle and Puget Sound locales constitute a splendid backdrop for the nonstop action."
    - Booklist

"[Hogan] once again demonstrates his veteran mastery of the hard SF subgenre."
     - Publishers Weekly

". . . a good, straightforward tale whose outcome is never really in doubt, but with enough twists and turns to keep us guessing about the route that will take us there."
    - Science Fiction Chronicle

" . . . a story of real speculative power that is not only suitable for that sense-of-wonder-equipped adult, but perfect also for any bright teen. . . . a superior Hardy Boys adventure for the nineties."
    - Asimov's

"Bug Park is worth every penny. The idea itself is compelling, the characters, particularly Kevin Heber, are superb. Hogan clearly loves science and wants to impart that love to others, especially the younger generation; after reading the book I wanted to go out and build my own robots."
    - Prometheus

"Let me just say that Bug Park is one of the best S-F books I've ever read. Yes, even better than Jurassic Park! It's so refreshing to find a science fiction book that is not pushing some evolutionary or new age agenda, not to mention one that is not so easy to dismiss as fantasy. God Bless you Mr. Hogan for writing a real page-turner that isn't filled with sex and profanity! An excellent novel for teenagers, and the characters made for good role models."
    - J.T. via e-mail

"In this awesome novel, inventors Eric and Vanessa Heber develop a new kind of telepresence--direct neural coupling--which shuts down your usual senses and connects them to neural feedback from robots, known as Mecs."
    --From an online review at io9.com "10 Best Robot Bodies To Jack Your Brain Into." Full article at http://io9.com/5366099/10-best-robot-bodies-to-jack-your-brain-into

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