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Physics and Relativity

Heretical Thoughts
General Relativity "Tests" Not Unique
August 21, 2008
Rethinking Cosmology
Open-Minded Investigation of Alternatives
May 8, 2008
More On Black Holes
Flights Of Mathematical Fancy Versus Reality
May 6, 2008
Natural Philosophy Alliance
Questioning Where The Mainstream Won't
April 17, 2008
Black Hole Hokum?
Apparently Not Predicted By The Mathematics At All
April 13, 2008
Physics Myths and Facts
Revisiting Some Of The Things You Thought You Knew
September 3, 2007
Getting Real
Nick Herbert's Proof Of Bell's Theorem
May 3, 2007
Carl Zapffe Paper
And A New Relativity Dissident Site
April 4, 2007
Driver Hype?
Artificially induced curvature of spacetime, Patent #6,960,975
January 8, 2006
Electromagnetic Regardation & Relativity
Two Jefimenko Books
January 2, 2005
Relativity Queries
Two Principles Contradicted by GPS
July 30, 2002
Gravity From Electromagnetism?
Generalizing Weber's Force Law
March 23, 2002
Speed Of Gravity
An Alternate View
September 6, 1999
Questioning Relativity
Some Places to Start
May 17, 1999
Relativity Alternative
Another interesting candidate
August 1, 1998
Parallel Universes, And More
David Deutsch and "The Fabric Of Reality"
March 4, 1998
"Einstein Plus Two"
Relativity Book
October 29, 1997
Suggested NASA Experiment
Michelson-Morley outside Earth's magnetosphere
August 17, 1997
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