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Ropes In Space
The Solar Connection
December 18, 2007
Wandering Stars
Ancient Records Of Pole Shifts
February 28, 2007
Dinosaur Dynamics
Why dinosaurs couldn't have stood up under the conditions that exist on Earth today
January 4, 2006
Current Affairs, Potentially Different
More Electric Universe
April 28, 2005
Scientific Revolution Ahead?
Multi-disciplinary Newsletter Available Online
February 6, 2005
End Of The Giants
Reservations About The Theory
August 3, 2004
Mars: Water World?
A Coincidental Consistency?
March 20, 2004
Planet Formation In Hundreds Of Years?
Supercomputer Simulation Says Possibly
January 27, 2003
Homer In The Baltic
Minor Historical Adjustment?
August 8, 2002
Recent Catastrophism
Even More Fantastic
September 5, 2001
Global Flooding
Why not? If That's What The Evidence Seems To Say
November 4, 2000
Venus Again
Too Hot for Conventional Thinking
June 28, 2000
Cradle Of Saturn - Further Reading
Some sources on Catastrophism
February 1, 2000
Jupiter As A Planet Factory
Alternative Theory of Origins
January 20, 2000
Planetary Origins
Whatever the facts seem to say
September 7, 1999
Lunar Disturbances In Recent Times?
"Anomalies" Explained, Maybe
March 6, 1999
Velikovsky's Ideas Again
Venus Puzzles
April 14, 1998
Venus - A Young Planet?
Velikovsky Reconsidered
September 13, 1997
Early Earth
Impossible Dinosaurs
May 9, 1997
Catastrophic Evolution
Sagan and Velikovsky Book
February 20, 1997
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