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Global Warming

Yes, We Have No Bahamas?
Rising Floods Of AGW Non-science
February 11, 2010
Danger--Reality Ahead
EPA's Evasive Action
January 4, 2010
End To The Global Warming Fraud?
It Should Be--But I Wouldn't Bet On It
November 29, 2009
Global Warming's Agenda
No Finite Resources; Just Finite Thinking
October 20, 2009
Global Warming Was Never A Crisis
The Conference You Didn't Hear About
March 16, 2009
What Consensus?
But The Chant Goes On
December 21, 2008
Inconvenient Facts
Some Guides To Combatting Climate-Change Nonsense
October 31, 2008
New Hockey "Shtick"
Same Scam
September 23, 2008
The Non-Problem of Global Warming
Finally, Says It All
July 16, 2008
The Penitents
Accepting Guilt By Accusation
July 7, 2008
Global Warming Notes
Water Vapor, And A Real Scientific Consensus
June 2, 2008
Joseph & Pharaoh
Modern Version
May 18, 2008
So Much For The Warming
Now For The Cooling?
December 20, 2007
Schroedinger's Global Warming Cat
In-The-Bag/Out-Of-The-Bag Doublethink
October 7, 2007
Hockey-Stick Hokum
Kooking The Climate Books
August 2, 2007
Hurricane Cycles
Coral Studies Corroborate
July 5, 2007
Inconvenient Skepticism
CEI Appraisal of Al Gore's Movie
June 15, 2007
Carbon Dioxide Carnival
It's Official--Life Is A Pollutant
April 15, 2007
Seeing Through Global Warming
The Emperor Without The Politics
April 14, 2007
Familiar Tunes
Somewhere I've Heard That Song Before
February 16, 2007
Rewriting the Past
Twiddling The Data To Give Desired Answers
December 30, 2006
The Usual Suspect
Global Warming's Indictment List
December 30, 2006
Thin Ice
And Magical Melting Continents
December 29, 2006
The Global Warming Doctrine
March 15, 2006
Carbon Reservoirs
Evidence shows that temperature rise comes first
February 2, 2006
More on Hurricanes
Inevitable cries of global warming
December 24, 2005
Global Warming Roundup
Wheels Coming Off The Bandwagon
December 4, 2005
A Couple Of Observations Lost In All The Din
September 19, 2005
Broken Hockey Stick
Mathematical Prestidigitation and Global Warming
January 16, 2005
Science Comes Of Age
Fitting Right In With The Modern World
December 6, 2004
Cooling The Warming Hysteria
The Science vs. The Politics
August 3, 2004
Sun Affects Climate
Astounding Scientific Discovery
July 11, 2004
Global Warming
Science Sold Out To Politics
March 28, 2004
More Globes Warming
Looking For Everything But The Obvious
June 22, 2003
Ice Man Cometh?
Antarctic Thickening
August 31, 2002
Global Warming
A Welcome Change From The Hysteria
July 9, 2002
Global Warming
Surprise! The Media Got It Wrong
October 5, 2001
Global Warming
Iceberg Nonsense
March 8, 1999
Up For Grabs
Vote yourself a piece of USA
August 20, 1998
Global Warming
What scientists think vs. what people are told they think
May 22, 1998
The Phony Science Of Global Warming
More from the other side of the story
April 14, 1998
Cooler Heads On Global Warming
March 12, 1998
Garbage In - Gospel Out
A Note on Global Warming
January 6, 1998
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