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Ingenious Word Games
Assume Weird Going On
January 24, 2010
The Dating Game
Another One For Number Trivia Buffs
July 6, 2009
Animal Diaries
What Do Pets Tell Us About Their Owners?
April 1, 2009
Q. What's Black and White and Tells Bad Jokes?
A. A Punguin
December 9, 2008
Left Brains & Right Brains
A Visual Ambiguity Test
October 29, 2007
Merry Gravmas
from "Minds, Machines, & Evolution"
December 19, 2005
Opera Atomic
Historical Omission Corrected
December 4, 2005
Changes Of Character
September 24, 2005
The One And Only Time-Traveler Convention We'll Ever Need
June 19, 2005
Missing (Gray) Matter Found?
June 19, 2005
See What I Mean?
There's A Pattern To It
June 19, 2005
Artificial Stupidity
Computers Come of Age?
October 31, 2004
Nigerian Astronaut Stranded
August 10, 2004
Seen This?
Peculiar Quality of F-Words
July 4, 2004
Seen This? - 2
Want to check it again?
July 4, 2004
Animal Quackers
Ducks Have Regional Accents
June 12, 2004
Enhanced, Upgraded Version
Products Improved Beyond All Usability
October 19, 2003
Itneresintg Raednig Osberaviton
September 17, 2003
Another Epidemic
One To Take Seriously For Once
June 17, 2003
The Lighter Side Of Security Hysteria
'World's Most Stupid' Awards
April 20, 2003
Today's World (apparently not) According To Cleese
Too Near True?
April 2, 2003
The Mind Boggles
Haddictive Word Games
August 10, 2002
Homefeeding Menace
How Dare Parents Think They Know Better?
June 12, 2002
Monty Python and The Evil Axis
Why Didn't The British Think Of It?
March 2, 2002
Letter From Below
With Apologies to C.S. Lewis
October 2, 2001
Ireland For Beginners
Survivor Basics
March 10, 2001
Writer Lightbulb Jokes
Well, We Think They're Funny
May 1, 2000
Word Games
What Do You Expect From a Writer?
April 1, 2000
Human Ingenuity Knows No Bounds
Idleness the Mother of Invention?
March 15, 2000
Interesting Tidbit
All-odd and all-even dates
November 30, 1999
Sick Joke
(Pun Intended)
September 20, 1999
There's a bright Side
July 21, 1999
Signs Of The Times
You have been warned.
January 29, 1999
British Signs
A Touch of Nostalgia
December 23, 1998
Wisdoms Through The Ages
Surely what life is really all about
September 28, 1998
Impossible Rhymes
Who says?
August 16, 1998
What's SNU?
Couldn't resist it
June 3, 1998
Why Chickens Cross Roads
A collection of views
February 10, 1998
Memorable Bumper Stickers
On the Road with JPH
July 21, 1997
Thoughts For The Day
A couple of Stray Thoughts
March 26, 1997
Light-Bulb Jokes
Some of these aren't very Bright
February 20, 1997
Quotes from Now and Then
January 30, 1997
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