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May 8, 2000

Representative Of The People

Are There More Like This?

I know this is your country, not mine (I'm writing this in Florida, during my annual visit from Ireland), but to begin getting some sanity and decency back into Washington before the slide toward a socialist police state becomes irreversible, it seems to me that America could do worse than find more candidates like this to put into Congress. Taken from Doug Fiedor's newsletter Heads Up Issue #182, May 7, 2000


Don Bell said he wanted to be a Congressman. I didn't know him, so I had a few pertinent questions to ask. I now wholeheartedly support him.

[Précis] Born in Parnell, KY, grew up in a family of thirteen in a real Kentucky log cabin. After graduating from high school, four-year stint at FBI Headquarters, Washington. Back to Kentucky to earn a B.S. Degree from Murray State University. Service with the Marines, and then Washington again for an M.A. Degree from George Washington University. Then followed a distinguished 20 year career serving as a Special Agent for the United States Secret Service, including assignments to protect former President Truman, and sitting Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Vice President Bush, traveling all over the world and dealing with many foreign governments. Domestically, also the Secret Service liaison to the State Department, Congress and the Department of Justice—including FBI headquarters.

With that background, it was almost surprising to find that Don Bell is also a good Constitutionalist. We expect he will work well in Congress with Rep. Ron Paul and encourage everyone to help send him there. But, judge for yourself.

Below are the questions I asked and Don Bell's answers (edited slightly for space and clarity).


Q. What will you do to improve the education system?
A. "Competition must be created within our public school system. Also, the power must be turned over to the states and local school boards to spend all education funds as they see fit. The greatest improvement would be to eliminate the U. S. Department of Education and return education decisions to parents and local school boards."

Q. What is your position on income tax?
A. "Taxes are too high! I will call for the elimination of the IRS and the repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment -- repeal all 44,000 pages of tax law. Most immediately, as a stop gap measure, a federal sales tax should be considered. However, I would encourage an open discussion with citizen's groups and legislators throughout the country. . . ."

Q. What is your position on campaign finance reform?
A. "I feel that campaign contributions should come from individual voters within the candidate's respective district. There should be no limit on individual contributions. If individual voters alone may contribute, this will bring back the political power to the individual citizens, where it belongs. . . ."

Q. What can be done about the Executive Orders issued by the President?
A. "I will introduce and fight for legislation that would ban presidential executive orders. These orders are infringing upon the legislative powers of Congress."

Q. What can be done about the EPA overstepping its authority?
A. "The EPA should be abolished as an agency. Its original task was completed years ago. Environmental authority should be left to the states. . . ."

Q. What is your opinion of the UN?
A. "The UN should stop imposing its authority upon the citizens of the United States. The U. S. should play a less visible role in the United Nations and deal with other countries on a more direct basis. Our troops should never serve under the authority of the UN. We must never allow the UN or any of its agencies, like UNESCO, to impose their policies on the American people. . . ."

Q. What about the WTO?
A. "We must have fair trade, not free trade. We do not need a World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund or World Bank to dictate our trade policies. The U.S. should deal directly with each nation regarding trade. There are far too many world organizations dictating to the American people today."

Q. What is your opinion on gun control?
A. "Leave our Second Amendment rights alone! I support a citizen's right to life, liberty and property. By extension, this of course includes a citizens right to defend their life, liberty and property. The wisdom of the Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment to provide the means for self defense. I support it fully."

The full text, along with previous editions of Heads Up, can be seen at http://www.uhuh.com/reports/headsup/list-hu.htm

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