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April 26, 1999

AIDS Definitions

What it Is depends on Where you Are

One of the many illogicalities and inconsistencies of the AIDS mess has always been the lack of agreement between different countries, and in some cases different testing authorities in the same country, on the tests to be used, what makes a test "positive," and even what defines the "AIDS" condition itself. Not long ago, I received the following from an acquaintance in Canada:

I recently obtained the 1993 revision in the definition of AIDS for Canada. Interestingly enough, while this adds the same 3 diseases as the CDC added for US AIDS (Pulmonary TB, Recurrent Pneumonia & Invasive Cervical Cancer), they did not add "Severe HIV-related immunosuppression" (Low CD4 cell counts or low CD4 percentage). Since 1995, more than half of the new "AIDS" cases in the US have been in people with no overt symptoms of AIDS, but only a 'bad' immune cell count. All of those people could free themselves from their burden of AIDS simply by crossing the 49th parallel (in a Northward direction)! This is certainly cheaper, and has fewer side effects than antiviral medication!

What a nice thing to know about something that people are still being told constitutes an inevitable death sentence!

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