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April 8, 2001

AIDS Politics

The Sordid Side

On a slightly different - although related - note, I'd thought that after the twelve years or so in which I've been following the AIDS story and become increasingly more skeptical of the mainstream HIV theory, there could be nothing more that I could be surprised at. I was wrong. Steve Ransom and Phillip Day have co-authored a book World Without AIDS that as well as listing all the frauds and pseudo-science that I've touched on before, uncovers the sordid political connections of how a media-manufactured, incurable "viral" epidemic fits perfectly with the agenda of a population-control ideology going back to the early parts of the century.

"Ransom and Day are the Woodward and Bernstein of AIDS Gate exposing the corruption, fraud and lies on which the multibillion dollar HIV Industry is based."
-- Alex Russell, Continuum Magazine

Please click here for a review of the book.

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