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March 28, 2004

Global Warming

Science Sold Out To Politics

There aren't many things on which I'd agree with or support George Bush. One exception that I'll admit to, however, because it's true, is the Global Warming issue. FrontPage Magazine.com carries a hard-hitting piece by Lowell Ponte entitled Science Wars that gives a lot of the background on how political ideology is being pushed as science. Click for previous postings on the subject.

I receive letters fairly regularly asking what sources I'd recommend for those interested in uncovering the real science and the facts of the whole business. A book that covers the topic pretty thoroughly is Global Warming: A Guide to the Science, by astrophysicist Sallie L. Baliunas, Arthur B. Robinson, and Zachary W. Robinson, edited by Willie Soon. (I've attended conferences where Sallie and Arthur were speakers. They certainly seem to have all the facts straight.)

Some web links that I've suggested are:

Access to Energy

George C. Marshall Institute page on Climate Change

Looksmart Look at Climate Change Skeptics

S. Fred Singer's Science & Environmental Policy Project

Climate Change Debate

Feedback has been that they are informative and useful.
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