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January 11, 2004

Annual Dissidents' Get-Together

Report of 2003 Event

I usually try to attend the annual meeting of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, which features speakers on the less-generally-known sides of issues that I think are being widely misrepresented for various ideological and political reasons, such as Global Warming and Ozone Depletion, Nuclear Energy, AIDS. Last year it was held in Phoenix in July, but I had to miss out due to the date's clashing with a commitment in Europe. However, Dr. W. Miller Jr., Professor of Surgery, who teaches cardiac surgery at the University of Washington School of Medicine, has written a summary entitled "Finding Truth in Phoenix", posted at LewRockwell.com. Topics include:

  • There is no human-caused global warming. Variations are part of a centuries-long cycle induced by changes in solar irradiance and other natural factors.
  • Benefits of increased carbon dioxide -- an essential plant food -- on the biosphere. (CO2 increases follow rises in the temperature cycle, which release carbon from cold reservoirs; they don't cause temperature rises.)
  • The various conditions lumped together as "AIDS" are caused primarily by recreational drugs, antiviral chemotherapy, and malnutrition, not by HIV
Dr. Miller comments: "The three truths discussed here, on climate change, carbon dioxide, and AIDS, share one thing in common, as do other truths found at this meeting. They all correct flawed hypotheses and models that have resulted from government involvement in science and medicine." Perhaps what we need is a Constitutional amendment separating Science from State
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