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March 26, 1997

Energy Advocate


People who know me or are familiar with what I write are aware that I've long been thoroughly pro nuclear energy and exasperated by the kind of environmentalist disinformation that much of the media likes to peddle. Those interested in what the real facts and numbers have to say might like to try a newsletter on energy issues commenced not long ago by Howard Hayden, professor of physics at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT. Some topics covered in recent issues:

  • Global warming: how actual satellite measurements show no trend, contradicting claims widely made from computer models.
  • Double standards employed to "sell" solar power, for example by comparing peak power (output at midday with clear skies in Arizona) with normal quoted ratings for conventional power plants, which are one fifth of peak capacity.
  • Why Antarctic ozone "hole" is a natural annual event observed long before its supposed "discovery" in the eighties, and how inventing equations for highly improbable chemical reactions never actually demonstrated to occur in the real world can get you a Nobel Prize.
  • Why batteries can't compete with gasoline, despite DOE attempts to rewrite physics.
  • That nuclear plants are able to store their waste on site while politicians dither over agreements made 30 years ago and reneged on for processing it into new fuel testifies to the amazing compactness of nuclear processes. Try doing it with a coal-burning plant (or even your own bathroom!).

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