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March 20, 2004

Mars: Water World?

A Coincidental Consistency?

There has been a lot in the news recently about vast amounts of water once existing on Mars. See, for example Space.com Mars: A Water World? and NASA Meridianum Planum: Drenched.

Some time ago now, I posted an item under the heading Recent Catastrophism about a fascinating theory based on a new translation of the Hindu Vedas to the effect that at one time Mars was thrown into a resonant interaction with Earth, in which it returned periodically to hang synchronously above northern India for periods of thirteen years or so at a time. This continued for a period of about two thousand years, extending through into the times of earliest recorded human history. The surface features of Mars were clearly visible in these encounters, and can be identified in the deities described. According to this interpretation, Mars was indeed awash with oceans, the bulk of which was captured by Earth under the anomalous gravitational conditions of the closely interacting bodies -- in the way matter is transferred as a filament between some binary stars. The idea fits well with the evidence of a planet-wide rise in ocean level around several thousand years ago, and the marks of massive periodic flooding in the regions surrounding the Himalayan plateau, which would have been inundated under an enormous tidal pileup of the Earth's hydrosphere.

Even by NASA's own figures for the rates of dust and meteorite infall on Mars, and the intensity of its regular dust storms, such features as flood channels and coastlines would long ago have been obliterated. Only a disciple indoctrinated in the faith could look at the pictures and believe that the surface we see today is billions of years old.

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