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March 18, 2002

Intelligent Design

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I've posted several earlier items saying why I think that the case for Darwinism is far from as solid as its fundamentalists insist, and why the possibility of some kind of creative intelligence (whether the god of any religion or not is a separate issue) at work behind it all deserves to be acknowledged and not dismissed out of hand. The Intelligent Design movement?see also earlier postings?was formed to promote wider awareness and understanding of such arguments. Of course a debate of this nature will attract those with theistic answers?and why not??but many scientists, mathematicians, information specialists, and others who have no religious axes to grind are becoming involved too on account of purely scientific considerations. The International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design (ISCID) has just launched a new forum is to discuss work in progress about complex systems: www.iscid.org/brainstorms.php. This forum is completely open, both to members and nonmembers.

Some of the current threads:

  • On Information and Complexity
  • Self-Disclosive Design (SDD) as an ID Research Program
  • ID Detecting Computer Program
  • How much/what kind of complexity can natural processes produce?
  • Rabbits in the Precambrian. Is Darwinism Criticizable?

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