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January 11, 2001

AIDS -- Letter From Bob Murray

We Can Make a Difference

I received the following from Dr. Murray. It's gratifying to know that one's effort to add a nickel's worth to a subject like this can have such results. Click to see the original posting.

Dear James,

When you posted my letter to the Journal of the Missouri Bar on your web site a year ago you forged a strong link of communications which extended from L.A. to the New York Bronx and helped save the life of an 18 month old African boy this fall.

Seven NY police men took him from his mother one night, social service put him in a foster home and he was put on 4 HIV medications and going downhill when his mother saw your AOL posting and called. The rest is history. A team of "reappraisers" went to bat for her and the judge returned him to the mother and stopped the drug orders.

Lynn Gannett (NY) tells me there were tears and cheers in that court house hall after the decision. Thought you'd like to know. Many thanks for your part in this saga.

Dr. Bob

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