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March 4, 1998

Radiation Again

Putting a few things in perspective

On November 22, 1997 I posted an item (VITAMIN R), on why the widespread fears are groundless, and low-level ionizing radiation is not only harmless but almost certainly beneficial. A group that includes a number of prominent scientists worldwide has formed with the aims of disseminating scientific data and analyses to refute popular but misplaced beliefs, and bring about the correction of public health and safety policies based on a theory now shown conclusively to be erroneous.

In its comprehensive collection of studies and information Low Level Radiation Health Effects: Compiling the Data, Radiation Science & Health Inc. states under "Background" that radiation and protection policies presume health effects to be linearly proportional to radiation down to zero dose. This "linear no-threshold hypothesis" (LNTH) requires that contrary data be ignored.

Deficiencies identified in the LNTH include:

--Many studies actually show bio-positive, i.e. beneficial effects at low doses. No valid studies confirm the LNTH

--Present-day knowledge of molecular and cell repair mechanisms contradicts the biological plausibility of the LNTH

--Extrapoloating effects orders of magnitude below the actual data violates scientific principles

--Significant results are not published; significant research is terminated or defunded.

Information from:

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